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The Maycer Dental team invites you into our practice with our $185 first appointment special! For just one affordable price, you’ll receive all the preventive care you need to get started with us and maintain lifelong oral health.

*New patients only. Not valid with use of insurance. Not valid in cases of periodontal disease.


New Patient Special

Dental Cleaning
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Dental Care You Can Trust


 Essential Care

Get all preventive care with our special offer. Our team delights in meeting new patients and offering tips and tricks for at-home care that keeps your smile healthy!


personalized attention

 Receive a thorough exam from one of our talented dentists. We’re happy to answer questions and work together to achieve your smile goals!


 Updated Imaging

Our digital X-ray system provides precision pictures of your teeth, gums, and jaw to ensure accurate treatment plans and recommendations.

Your Oral Health Matters

The health of your smile is connected to your overall well-being. We can get you enrolled in a membership plan at your first visit so you can stay up to date with preventive care. Our team is dedicated to prioritizing your health, which is why we make your preventive care visits affordable and simple!

Dr. Cervantes

Dr. Cervantes is an experienced and well-versed dentist who understands the problems and pain oral and maxillofacial issues can cause. He takes pride in practicing quality dental care while conversing with his patients in a genuine, caring manner to treat their emergency and make an individualized plan for healing and the prevention of future dental emergencies. Dr. Cervantes values people very much and his ability to listen to his patients' concerns make him a very unique and valuable health care provider you and your family can count on and trust!

Dr. Mayora

Dr. Gloria Mayora obtained her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree with the intention of helping people achieve a healthy smile that would open the door to a healthy lifestyle. She specially loves working with children and help them create healthy habits that will stay with them for life. Through volunteer work in schools and other organizations, her kind and gentle spirit gives her a unique insight into how to make dentistry a positive experience that will encourage you and your children to care for their teeth for life!

Have Questions About Maycer Dental?

Check out these frequently asked questions, or call us at (619) 461-6040 to speak with our team.

Will There Be Any Additional Costs at My First Visit?

There will never be any surprise costs at Maycer Dental. We pride ourselves on transparency and only the best care for our patient community. You can consider us your co-pilots in dental wellness. We will always go over treatment plans and want you to feel confident in your dental health care options.

What Happens After My First Visit?

After your first visit we can schedule any necessary follow-up appointments. We can also enroll you in our in-house membership plan, which covers all annual preventive care as recommended by the American Dental Association. Our front desk team is happy to answer  additional questions you have!

Can I Use Dental Insurance?

Our Special Offer and Membership plans are not eligible for use with insurance. We set up these plans so that essential health care can be accessed by all, including those without dental insurance.

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I LOVE La Mesa Village Dental!!!  Dr. Cervantes is the most gentle, skilled, and kind dentist I have ever had.  He explains what he is going to do, which I haven't always gotten from former dentists.  Dental assistant Robert was so great assisting my procedure, super nice...and once again, took time to answer all of my questions in a very kind mannerism.


I’ve been coming to La Mesa Village Dental for years now. I highly recommend La Mesa Village Dental!  The entire staff has always been caring and friendly. Today I was greeted by Anna P., TC and had my cleaning done by Dr. Mariana and Robert. Each of them were so nice and friendly. I had a great experience all around as usual.


We have gone to La Mesa Village Dental for many years, through staffing changes & now a new office. New location was easy to find, no stairs to climb!We have seen Hygienist Mary for many years. Treatment Coordinator Anna is welcoming, Assistant Kim & Dr Cervantes are a good team. We would recommend this dental office!


I always have a great experience. Before finding La Mesa Village Dental I had been to 10 different dental offices. I always felt all the other places I had been to were not reasonable or would try to take advantage, but not until 6 years ago that I found La Mesa Village Dental.


Dr. Cervantes is very exceptional and very nice. Mary is one of the best hygienist I have ever used. The staff is very helpful and I cannot say enough good things about how the entire office shows professionalism at all times. I am so happy with La Mesa Village Dental, I cannot say enough good things about them.

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A Gentle Touch

Your comfort is essential at Maycer Dental. We employ modern technology to make your appointments quieter, quicker, and more efficient so you can sit back and relax.

A Modern Approach To Dentistry

We’re invested in both continuing education in oral health care as well as innovations in dental technology. You can count on hearing new tips and tricks that make taking care of your smile a breeze!

Your Dental Home

Details are a crucial part of dentistry, and our attention to them extends to the feel of our office. You’ll instantly feel at ease when you step through our door.